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Two Weddings And A Funeral

I’ll start with the funeral.  A month ago we buried our beloved, beautiful and so loving boxer dog Dottie. To lose such an important member of our animal family was absolutely devastating, and the tears continue.  She is buried under a mound at Dot’s Spot – the patch of grass outside our kitchen door where […]


The Kitten In The Woodpile

Sarah is allergic to cats. So it came as something of a surprise when she rescued a very small kitten from the yard log pile and set about looking after it. And even more surprising when she expressed an ardent desire to keep it once it was tame. She has named it – Woody –  […]


We Cannot Have An Animal Called Snuggles!

But we do. Once again, heart overcame head, and Snuggles, a grey lionhead rabbit arrived complete with her own hay, feed bowl and blanket. It’s possible she doesn’t know she’s called Snuggles, in which case we can re-name her – possibly Fugly? Lovely for the children, and amusing for those adults clever enough to work […]


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By Christopher
February 26th, 2012
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Animal Count Rises Again

The great rabbit massacre reduced our vacillating livestock count to 28 (it had been 27, plus three lambs minus two rabbits). As of yesterday it is at an all time high of 34 because we bought six chickens to add to Big Fat Mama and Little Titch’s caravan group. However, there is some doubt as […]


The Sheep Lose Their Wool And Two Rabbits Lose Their Lives

Nature is fickle. She offers up three unexpected lambs – and Sarah is almost embarrassingly besotted with special needs Frank – then slaughters George and Mildred, the oldest surviving rabbits. In between, all adult sheep got sheared, which included the resentful Shetlands who had been busy trying to shed naturally. This made them look as […]


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