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The Inside Animals of Swallowtail Hill Farm

As regular visitors to the farm will know, we have three dogs. There’s Mabel.  Stroppy, 11 years old, a Border Terrier whose main joys in life are a) treats b) tummy rubs c) barking at nothing and c) washing the other dogs’ faces.  She has figured out that treats are forthcoming as a reward for […]


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By Christopher
September 17th, 2017
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Yogi and The Square

I think I am close to becoming a Zen master. Mrs B – scoffs at this, but, poor thing, she’s still trapped in the here and now, a slave to the mundane practicalities of life, while I am definitely on a higher plane. It was through the practice of yoga that I had my revelation. […]


My Life On The Shelf / The Museum Of Crap

A Georgian sand shaker, a cast iron model 24lb artillery piece, a rather rude statue of Greek men wrestling, a 1980s brick shaped mobile phone, a WW2 officers’ compass, a metal AA badge, a (full) tin of corned beef from 1935….these, and other relics, are my life. On a shelf. To which more than six […]


‘Great’ North Run? – You Bet

On Sunday I did the Great North Run.  It was the second time I’ve run it but I’ve also enjoyed the event as a supporter in the past.  And it gets me every time.  It is truly the most uplifting, exhilarating, good feeling, supportive event that I’ve had the privilege to participate in.  Many of […]


Sarah’s Big Cauliflowers

Sarah has enormous cauliflowers. Simply gigantic. You can’t see her if she stands behind them.  They’re too big for the vegetable rack, and would cause chaos if we just kept them in the kitchen which is, as I am sure you know, an oasis of tidiness. Although since we embarked on building an extension which […]