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The Equine War Is Lost

Yesterday, I lost the Eight Years’ War, in which, against overwhelming odds, I had doggedly fended off the suggestion that we should add equines of some sort to our vast and ever expanding menagerie. Horses. Ponies. Shetlands. Mules. Fallabellas. You name it, if it has four legs, a mane, hooves, and a face like a […]


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By Christopher
April 13th, 2014
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My Friend Mike Leaves Home

If, 10 years ago, you had told me I would feel sad at the departure of a chicken, I wouldn’t have even thought it particularly funny.  I might have thought you needed help. But here I am, mourning the removal of Mike as though my child had left home. Which, in a way, she has. […]


A Bad Case Of Wind

Two weeks ago the Met Office, terrified of a repeat of 1987, exploded into the media. Seven days ahead of the hurricane. Not unlike a hurricane themselves, they blew us away with gusts of satellite images of Atlantic storms vortexing towards us; earnest, school boyish forecasters found themselves headline news and expelled torrents of hot […]


Mike The Indoor Chicken

This is Mike. He lives in our conservatory with his mate Tonka the tortoise, of whom you have read. Mike moves pretty fast when he spots Tonka’s food. Tonka puts on a remarkable burst of speed to counter Mike’s thievery. Tonka is not interested in Mike’s food but he quite likes Mike’s heat lamp and […]


Farm Fitness

I’m convinced that wading through knee deep mud while carrying buckets of water must be having some sort of positive effect on my legs and backside?! To this end (no pun intended) I’m thinking of bringing out my own fitness dvd.  It’ll mainly show me doing the chores here at Swallowtail Hill Farm in my […]


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By Sarah
February 10th, 2013
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